​Why choose the indoor LED digital display?
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​Why choose the indoor LED digital display?

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The indoor LED digital display uses a low-voltage DC supply voltage and is therefore particularly safe to use. Both older and small children can safely use it without causing safety risks. The normal inrush current of indoor LED digital display is: 20mA; The voltage is 5V. It can drive the presentation forward, which shows that its security is the premise guarantee.

  • Why choose the indoor LED digital display?

  • What is the technological progress of LED digital display?

  • Where is the convenience of installing indoor LED digital displays?

Why choose the indoor LED digital display?

1.Easy installation: Due to the material and structure of indoor LED digital display, it is characterized by lightness and comfort, which provides very convenient conditions for installation.

2.Realistic color: The indoor LED digital display uses high brightness patch, the color is vivid and soft, does not harm human eyes, and the brightness is also high.

3.Green and environmental protection: The material is made of environmentally friendly materials, which can be recycled and reused, and do not pollute the environment.

4.Low heat generation: The biggest safety risk of indoor LED digital displays is that with prolonged continuous operation, the high heat generation shortens the life of the device and even leads to a severe fire. indoor LED digital display has put a lot of effort into heat dissipation. Efficient heat dissipation treatment and the fact that the electronic components themselves have low power consumption, the heat will not be too high, which naturally eliminates the appearance of such hidden dangers.

5.Wide range of applications: indoor LED digital displays are widely used in various fields and industries due to their low thickness, excellent quality and effect, as well as the moderate price of LED displays. If it is more sophisticated in the future, its coverage will be more!

What is the technological progress of LED digital display?

1.Excellent effect: The LED digital display uses dynamic scanning technology, so that the image displayed by the LED digital display is stable and without noise. In addition, the image effect is clear, the animation effect vivid and diverse, and the video effect is also fluid.

2.Rich Content: Text, charts, images, animations and video information can be displayed;

3.Flexible mode: The display mode can be freely arranged by the user;

4.Quality assurance: LED digital display uses advanced lighting materials, high-quality IC chips and high-performance noise-free power supplies;

5.Large amount of information: The information displayed by LED digital display is not limited.

What are the usage characteristics of indoor LED digital display?

indoor LED digital display is ideal for digital signage and advertising, where the viewer is often far from the screen. Depending on the optimal distance of the viewer and the scenario of the display, different LED modules are finally selected. P1.25/P1.56/P1.875/P2/P 2.5/P 3/p3.07/p3.91/p4/p5/p6, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution of the final LED display wall.

The engineering, drawings, manufacturing, accessories, installation and commissioning always meet our high expectations for the indoor LED digital display. Included in these expectations are our seven levels of redundancy. This list includes photocell and luminance control, dual data signal, receiver/scan card, controller or sending device, PC, power supply and Internet communication redundancy. We provide real-time alerts and reports via email, web portal and API to bring it all together.

At present, the use of indoor digital LED displays has become more and more widespread. For more information, please contact UNA TECH CO., LTD.




What is the working principle of indoor LED digital display?
What is the working principle of indoor LED digital display?indoor LED digital display is made of LED lamp beads, current and voltage are very low, and the human body is not damaged by radiation. What is the working principle of indoor LED digital display?


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