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Home TV VS. LCD commercial display

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Many customers once asked: why your LCD display is much higher than home TV? What is the difference?

There are several differences as follows:

1.The commercial LCD displays are designed to last longer and adapt better to various environments, while home TVs are made for household use, which appears in:

1). The frame for commercial LCD display is made of aluminium or other metal, while home TVs are made of plastic;

2).The panel for commercial LCD display is made of tempered glass, while home TVs are made of plastic;

3).Home TVs meant for home viewing which is normally function for 4-5hours per day, while you could play commercial monitors longer time per day with heavier-duty components;

2.Home TVs is standard products, with standard and simple function; while commercial display is customized with different functions according to customer’s different request,

could be wall-mount, or free-standing, vertical or horizontal type; could be single side or double side, could for indoor or outdoor, with standalone version, Android system,

or with PC system, with different memory capacities, with interactive Infrared touch or Capacitive touch, with media player and remote management software, etc.

So commercial displays are built for continuous operation and include a better warranty support.








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